When that autumnal chill hits the air, what better way to heat up than with a little dancing? Whether you’re a world-class ballroom dancer or an armchair two-stepper while watching Dancing with the Stars, you’ll learn the latest moves and some classic Latin techniques that will be sure to impress friends and families at fall weddings. Don’t forget: holiday party season is coming up, too, and nothing impresses coworkers like revealing your latent dancing abilities.

So, swing by the yoga studio in some comfortable clothes and shoes, because residents of 1 QPS Tower can now get dancefloor-ready with local professional instructor Israel Martinez. You’ll learn the basics of merengue and samba while you cha-cha-cha, make friends with your fellow neighbors, and burn a few calories while you’re at it. Who knows? The pasodoble might just become your new favorite pastime.

Share your best moves with your 1 QPS neighbors @1qpstower!